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May sales?

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We got a little of this on the Malibu thread, but how are May sales? Given they probably lack vs history, are they improving over the recent months? In particular, better than April? More traffic, etc. Thanks, enjoy reading all your posts.
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I work at a small delership in Canada, and we are having a pretty good May. Started off the month very good, it's tailed off a little bit in the last week and a half, but traffic is picking up. We usually do 30-32 a month. Did 43 in April and probably finish with 40-41 for May. Used sucks this month, but new has been pretty strong. We're a four line dealership, and we are seeing a pretty good mix of everything. Biggest problem we're having is running out of stock. Trucks, Cobalts, G5's all very scarce. Wondering if anyone else has noticed the Malibu cannabalizing sales from other models. We've sold 1 Impala this year, and sprinkling of Allure's(LaCrosse) and 1 Lucerne. We even had two deals last week where customers came in on Torrent's and left with Malibu's. I totally understand it, I picked up my own Malibu three weeks ago and couldn't love it more, but I was just wondering if it was a trend everywhere?

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