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May sales?

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We got a little of this on the Malibu thread, but how are May sales? Given they probably lack vs history, are they improving over the recent months? In particular, better than April? More traffic, etc. Thanks, enjoy reading all your posts.
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Here in Indianapolis our traffic has been piss poor. We are a newer dealership (Ed Martin Buick Pontiac GMC) and have been out for like 4 years. Traffic has been increasing every year, and every month we have outdone the previous year's month. Right now we 40 cars short of matching last years May. We sell the G6 more than anything, along with a vibe here and there. Interest still remains high on the Acadias and Enclaves. The thing that has killed us is that GMC is dead(except for Acadias). 3 Yukons, 0 Sierras, and 0 Envoys sold this month. Most of our business comes from GMC especially Yukons in our area. I am starting to look for another career.:(
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