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Maxx Malibu, 2007

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Happened into a new leftover version of the discontinued Maxx yesterday, while perusing the Chevy lot for HHRs (they had 2 1/2).

This is the LT (base) version, stickered at just under 21 grand and with no options. It has 4-W-discs with ABS and side curtain airbags, and a few other gadgets. It has a 3.5 with 217 HP and 217 TQ and the ubiquitous, as they say in the car magazines, 4-speed GM automatic.

My last Chevrolet contact was when I sold my 2004 Impala 3.4. This Maxx is light years past that car in every way except space utilization.

It drives solid, the suspension cures all the incompetencies of the last-gen Impala. [I realize this is not a direct descendent of the Impala. But it's in the same price and size class, and that's close for me.] Little lean in corners, and far better jounce and rebound control.
The motor is smoother, quieter, and feels strong rather than strained.
I like the wagon layout. But who forgot the rear wiper on the 40-degree slope of the back glass?
And what's with Americans? Don't they know anything about nooks and crannies and cool storage spaces molded into plastic that has to be molded anyway?
NO? :think:

My Accords had storage slots in all four doors, they had cup holders in all four doors, they had stash spaces for sunglasses in the roof, giant glove boxes...Are they lazy at Chevrolet, or just stupid?

Put dead space to work. :doh:

Stickered at near 21 grand, the saleshomie said they'll be taking $16,500 for it or 16 even if you're active military. Guess us retired mils can just piss off, eh?

This car is leaps and bounds ahead of my old Impala. The seat is a two-way power job, up and down. It comfort dynamics are better than the Impala's, but that's like saying getting your arse kicked by two thugs is better than by four. It feels OK but I fear its long-trip comfort will be lacking.

The powertrain (and the suspension) gets A from me. It has effortless power, and I think it will get into the middle 30s on the highway. The MPG genie kept climbing (it had 60 miles on it); when I left the dealer it showed about 18, by the time I had gotten back it showed 24. Not bad for some highway and some town piddling.

We are considering this car, but a smaller vehicle with better seats will probably trump it.
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Base model Maxx? This is one thread where no one will be yelling "worthless w/out" etc....
See! I couldn't even be bothered to type it out.....although this smart arse statement took longer to do. Damn law of diminishing returns!
to hell with it
Did you get to drive the HHR? What do you think of the HHR compared to the Maxx? I had an LS for a while and it was a great little retro wagon.

Another smaller, but good choice would be the Astra 5-door XE. I sat in one the other day. It has very good seats but the window sticker with A/C and automatic is $18,200. Not bad, but a bit more than the Maxx you looked at.
...while perusing the Chevy lot for HHRs (they had 2 1/2).
What's 1/2 an HHR?!?
What's 1/2 an HHR?!?
It's not pretty.;)
What's 1/2 an HHR?!?
Panel truck without ABS.

Pretty neat looking in white, but two chairs and room for a coffin in back. :)
It's not pretty.;)

Two day ban for both ofy ou since I now have OJ all over my lap top....
We are considering this car, but a smaller vehicle with better seats will probably trump it.[/quote]

Look at the New 2009 Pontiac Vibe! The Vibe should meet all your interests just drive the 2.4L for a better acceleration feel.
I have a 2006 LT as you can see by my sig.

We traded out of an Aztek to get into ours. The Azteks were great, but not very reliable. The Maxx doesn't quite have the storage space of the 'Teks, but our kids are almost off to college, we're not carrying as much crap as we used to. The bonus to the Maxx is it has been absolutely reliable, we're about 24,000 miles on it now, nothing out of the ordinary, with the exception of the one sun visor issue.

My wife drives the car to and from work, 14 or so miles one way part suburban driving, we get about 18-20 in town, closer to 30 on freeway/interstate runs. We routinely go home to Ohio or to my wife's relatives in Tennessee and Georgia and the fuel economy with a loaded car and A/C on in summer is excellent. Plus, with the torquey V6, it will FLATTEN mountains. I've owned more powerful cars, but not more useful ones.

The interior is utilitarian to the max (no pun intended) all but the driver's seat folds down so you can load lumber (at least that's what I did with it) in it, the back panel (behind the back seat) can be reconfigured into a picnic table (which comes in handy at soccer games) and can be placed on different levels so you can have two-level storage. The back panel also has grocery bag hooks, and on the sides of the hatch area floor are a couple of cubbies big enough to hold gallon milk jugs. Also, a cargo net for small items. The hatch is apparently made of aluminum and is light to open and shut.

The back seats move back and forth, and recline, great for growing teenagers and I've surprised many people with the limousine like backseat area in the car. Obviously we've put some freeway miles on the car, the front seats while not Recaros, are pretty well bolstered and I do not experience any back pain after a 6 or 10 hour drive. The 4 wheel discs have kept me on the planet and out of trouble. The traction control is pretty reasonable in snow. It can be turned off, for the occasions you need to turn it off. If you're quick enough with the gas pedal, though, you can do a nice smoky burnout before the nanny kicks in. It's quite entertaining.

If you want more information on the Maxx, private message me. As you can tell, I like the car.
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I thought the 07s came standard with the rear window wiper?
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