People looking to rent GM vehicles in Baltimore, Boston, Washington DC, Denver, LA, San Francisco, and Jersey City will be able to do before the end of the year, as part of Maven's expansion plans.

The GM car-sharing app first launched in three test markets-Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Chicago-earlier this year, but Maven operates in 17 cities across the US and Canada.

Although GM hasn't revealed how many users they have amassed since July, when the app first launched, Automotive News reports that there were roughly 40 vehicles available through the app in the Detroit Metro area yesterday afternoon.

Owners can rent their car out for a price that they determine, as long as it's within 20% (higher or lower) of Maven's pricing for a given vehicle. The money is then split 60/40, with owners getting the bigger share and Maven getting the smaller.

[source: Automotive News]