Shortly after the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt was named North American Car of the Year, General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, wasted no time teasing future plans for the platform.

During the 2017 North American International Auto Show, Barra suggested we would see a "huge range of vehicles" based on the Bolt's architecture. The boss-lady told CNET's Road Show, "The Bolt is our platform that we're going to continue on and have a huge range of vehicles. We haven't announced them yet, but you're going to see more coming."

While GM was coy on future product, there are a few angles GM could easily explore in the coming months and years.

Chevrolet already considers the Bolt EV part of its CUV lineup, so adding an all-wheel-drive or all-road style version of the Bolt would be a quick and dirty route to the promised land of electric crossovers. Although I'd love to see the Code 130R project rebooted as a pure EV sport coupe, which could find legs in Europe as Opel's much lusted after GT concept.

In November, Buick detailed Buick Blue, an alternative propulsion initiative aimed at China. Buick says it will focus mainly on PHEV and all-electric powertrains, but it's unclear if the brand has similar ideas for the North American market.

Cadillac should be at the vanguard of electrification at GM, but after the ELR fiasco, Johan de Nysschen and his rag tag New York transplants may be a bit gun shy this time around. However, Ms. Mary is also linking the company's autonomous program closely with the Bolt project.

"We believe we have the right vehicle platform for AV, we think the only long -term sustainable path for autonomous vehicle is fully electric and we are obviously in a leadership position with the Bolt and all of our AV development that's going on is based on the Bolt platform."

The car will need much more than all-new sheet metal, but it would be a mistake for Cadillac to not piggyback the Bolt. While most rivals are still years away from bringing a viable EV platform to market, Cadillac has a 300-mile capable powertrain living just a few doors over, one with the potential to offer autonomous driving in urban centers. If executed right, it could be the perfect addition to BOOK by Cadillac.