There's one more manual gearbox going away for 2019. Though this third pedal, thrown away on the pile of progress and changing buyer preferences, might not be as missed as some.

This time Carbuzz reports that the bell tolls for the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon's long-throw box.

If you really wanted to order your General Motors midsize pickup with a stick, you were able to do it. As long as it was attached to the truck's base 2.5L four-cylinder. Which was only available on Chevy's "base" trim or GMC's SL, and only with two-wheel drive, and extended cab, and a long box.

If you wanted the lowest-cost truck possible, that was your option. But it didn't seem to be a popular one. A spokesperson for Chevrolet confirmed to CarBuzz that "we dropped the manual transmission from the Colorado and Canyon for 2019 model year. Unfortunately, the demand was so low for the manual transmission that it did not justify continuing to offer it."

But GM will be happy to keep selling you automatic-equipped 3.6L V6 and 2.8L turbodiesel pickups with automatic gearboxes. And a 2.5 with a six-speed auto. And you'll likely be happier to just buy one of those.