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Maintenance for Road Trip

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We are going on a 1400 mile roundtrip drive to Florida and back in our 2002 Suburban in June. 5 people and 8 suitcases. The car is at 90,000 miles now and had most maintenance done at 58,000 miles, such as transmission (the torque converter was replaced so it got all of its fluid done), the coolant was flushed, and the differential was serviced.

My main concern is the transmission fluid. Does that need to be replaced or should it be fine with 30k miles on it considering it was all replaced?

Also, I guess I should ask, even though the brakes were recently replaced on the back, it feels like they sometimes stick (like when you lift up off the brake pedal, you occasionally hear a noise like the brake is just being released shortly after)? Would this be a sticking caliper, and if so, how would I fix it?
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I'd bring it in to have them check the tires, belts, and fluids if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Tires are important....want to avoid blow outs. How many miles are on the tires?

I've driven a Suburban with 180,000 miles on it from Baton Rouge to Tuscon and back. Those car are tanks. You'll probably be fine.
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