Magnuson Superchargers is already a big name in blowers, making supercharger kits for just about anything with a V8, and even a few things with a V6, but their latest is suspiciously close to another big name, but this one in moustaches.

The latest in the company's line is a new Magnum PI supercharger that was announced during the online SEMA360 trade show (via GM Authority). The line is offered as a replacement for the GM 6.2L LSA V8, as well as the LS9 engine, but is also offered as an add-on for the naturally aspirated 6.2L LS3.

Magnuson says that the blower will fit under the factory hood of a Camaro without the need for modifications, handy for anyone who is happy with that particular stock part and doesn't want everyone around to know something is huffing around under that bonnet.

The PI superchargers will be offered in TVS2650 and TVS3100 models, with that number referencing the displacement of the superchargers. The kits are expected to go on sale sometime early next year, allowing for Gen IV LS engine owners to add some serious boost to their vehicles, and can be had with all necessary hardware and calibration software for installation on those engines.