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Part 10

A Mercedes 200D with a phenomenal 55-horsepower naturally aspirated diesel engine! Good for a top speed well past 130 km/h which in those days was phenomenal for a low end model. The owner was pretty nice too and we talked for awhile about his beauty. The color was gorgeous too! I love white cars!

A Mercedes 190SL and a W114 280CE Coupe

BMW 1600 and BMW 1802 Touring (forgot to take front shots....)

A 1950s Mercedes Unimog, the ones especially made for farm usage.

Chevrolet Bel Air

A Mercedes 280SE S-Class (W108)

Corvette Stingray

Nostalgia comparison! BMW 2000C vs Mercedes 280SL (W113)

An ancient Ford...

A Mercedes 280SLC (C107)

Triumph Spitfire

A Lotus, I think...

Volvo P1800???

Typical 1980s Porsche look. Nice!

BMW CSL in a nice orange color! Next to it a Mercedes 350SL (R107) with the 3.5-l 200-hp V8 M116 E35 engine.

Same 350SL next to a 250SL (W113) "Pagoda"

End of Part 10
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