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Mühldorf am Inn Classic Car Show Part 16

This was a sensation at the show! A mid to late 1930s Horch 5 Liter Typ 853 A Convertible! Together with Maybach and some Mercedes models this was one Germany's finest cars.

Another pre-World War II German classic from a brand called ADLER (which means "Eagle" in English). After World War II they made typewriters for a few years before going bankrupt.

Lotus Europa (more pictures in an upcoming thread)

BMW Zündapp with sidecar. Genuine World War II Wehrmacht motorcycle...

Mercedes-Benz 600 with US-spec side reflector lamps...

BMW 3-Series Pickup from BAUR

More BMW's for the Bimmer fans...

Lovely Fiat Sport Coupe

Mercedes 1113 "Kurzhauber" from the local fire department.

I'm not a fan of aftermarket AMG accessories on classic Mercedes', but in this case it looked really nice on this W123.

Alfa Romeo Spider


Two Citroen Traction Avants: beautiful!

One of my favorite classic MB's, the W108 S-Class. Just can't get enough of them so I tend to photograph the different models at the show for posterity's sake. Notice that this one has a manual transmission in it.

The tractor and farm equipment section of the show. Didn't check it out and only snapped this crappy picture...

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