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Mühldorf am Inn Classic Car Show Part 10

Oldsmobile DIESEL!!! I thought the 350cid Olds diesel was such a bad and unreliable engine, how does thing run in Europe without spare parts!? I hanged around hoping to meet the owner but he never showed up and I had to eventually go home too. Anyone think there's actually another engine under the hood (aka non 350cid diesel V8)?

Whatever, this thing was hot. I dig these 1970s American landyachts. Anyone know what the name of this thing was? Delta Royale Brougham 88 Cutlass Special perhaps?

What's a car show without a nice Cadillac?

More GM cars! Chevrolet Camaro - rust free from the looks of it!

Maserati Quattroporte - one of the most beautiful cars at the show. I love 1970s Italian sheetmetal...

BMW 2002

Volkswagen - Karman Ghia (???)

Mercedes SLC - love these, they're so PIMP

Ford Mustang Convertible with interior close-ups. Notice that this one is a manual!

Mercedes 300SE Coupe - gorgeous! W108 S-Class in the fourth picture...

Citroen DS-21

Porsche 914

Volvo P1800 - forgot to photograph the front!

Rolls Royce Silver something (Spirit, Shadow etc.)

Volkswagen Thing


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That is an Olds Delta 88 Royale ;)

VERY rare to see Diesels in the US

In that condition it is probably still with diesel engine - in US most were scrapped / replaced with gas engine. The engine isn't "so bad" if you use diesel spec engine oil ;)

That Quattroporte is sexy! And with a "real" transmission and with that nice wooden wheel and all that leather, that is a luxury car :D


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The Oldsmobile Diesel 350 was know for having cylinder head bolts stretch and eventually break in the 1978-1980 versions, the 1981-1985 version of the 350 diesel was supposed to be much better, but the bad early years and cheap regular gas killed the diesel V8's and V6's that Olds had developed. This could either be a low milliage 1978 that was well cared for, I have read that you can keep an early Olds diesel alive for a long time but you have to treat it really really really nice, or it, since Olds and GM decided to give diesel 350 owners an extended warranty as an act of sympathy, many diesel owners hung on to their cars long enough to get the better 1981-1985 diesel engine as a warranty replacement for the bad 1978-1980 350's.

This car is a 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale.
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