We covered the teaser of the Cadillac Lyriq's 33-inch infotainment screen, but we may have missed a detail. The eagle-eyed reporters over at GM Authority noticed that a range could be deduced by the infotainment's display.

Before we launch into this, it's worth mentioning that Cadillac, knowing that people would see this, fudged the numbers to make themselves look good or-to lowball the figure and conceal it. In fact, in the info display, Cadillac is clear to disclose that this is a "pre-production model." The point being, we won't really know until the EPA publishes its figures.

But until Cadillac reveals the Lyriq on August 7, this is a pretty good hint. The salient information for our purposes, is the remaining range figure and the remaining battery percentage. The screen shows 24% battery life, which equates to 76 miles of range. Simply multiply the range by 4.16666 and you get 316 miles of range.

That's a pretty reasonable figure, considering the Tesla Model X's range is 325 miles. It's not a wholly unimpressive figure, either. The European competition has been lagging behind Tesla in range estimates. The Audi e-tron, only has an EPA estimated range of 204 miles and the Mercedes EQC has an EPA estimated range of 220 miles.

So, although 316 miles wouldn't be a world-beating figure, it could be a rest-of-the-world-beating figure.

It's worth mentioning here that although the German manufacturers are seeing lower mileage, the real-world results don't always bear out the EPA's estimates. The Porsche Taycan has developed something of a reputation for going scores of miles farther than it ought to.

There's also the question of how different cars use their batteries. The Europeans have pretty much all decided to deliberately limit use of batteries to between 88 and 94% of their full capacity-something Tesla doesn't do. This, they say, helps extend the life of the batteries.

Whether Tesla thinks it has better battery technology, or simply doesn't care and would prefer to max out range figures, is something only time will tell. We have our guess.

So if GM manages to nearly match the Tesla's range but it limiting itself in all the ways that the big, more experienced automakers have been limiting themselves, that would be quite a feat.