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I find it pretty amusing that so many people cry about Saab loosing its "unique, quirky character". If all of those people owned a Saab we would not be discussing this.

GM wanted to expand, they bought Saab as part of their hopes of expanding globally.

Saabs just don't sell in large numbers. If they took the time to develop all new vehicles to have all of Saabs quirks it would be 5 years or more before they could afford to develop anything worth while. The quickest way is to rebadge. I think they will sell the 9-2 and the 9-7. They changed enough to get the sales. The vehicles fill a gap in the model lineup and in 2 years or so we will have all new vehicles to replace them.

I personally always liked Saabs. With the spike in Luxury car sales, Gm will get the 150,000 they need to make that profit. It might not be this year, but its coming.
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