Who's talking about the C7 Corvette these days? Precious few, that's who, as the recent appearance of the mid-engined C8 has sucked all the attention away from the current-generation Chevrolet two-seater.

This situation, paired with the need to clear existing inventory, could be advantageous for buyers of the departing model, assuming you're ready to shell out nearly six figures for the hottest C7s around.

As reported by Cars Direct, General Motors is upping incentives on the outgoing C7 between now and Labor Day, offering up to $9,404 in savings to buyers who like sitting behind their engine. Naturally, buyers of entry-level models stand no chance of seeing this upper amount.

The offer carries the enthusiasm-sparking billing of "Supplier Pricing for Everyone." Available on any Corvette model, the deal ties itself to the vehicle's configuration, meaning less savings for Stingray buyers and more for Z06 customers. Maximum savings come to those who already own a Vette, as there's a $3,000 loyalty offer in play.

Should this be your first Corvette purchase, the maximum savings to be had (no lease offers, sorry) totals $6,404, and that's if you're prepared to fork over just north of $95k on a ZO6. But wait, you ask - doesn't the Z06 start at around $85k? Indeed it does, meaning you'll likely have to add some options in order to pare down the final selling price. Yes, this is one of those instances where being a return customer really sweetens the pot.

Any money on the hood of a car is appreciated, however, and customers eager to get into a new Vette - but who didn't get their name on a reservation list early - could find themselves waiting for a 2021 C8, not a 2020 model. The next-generation model's first-year popularity boost might lead them to the C7 instead.

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