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Future models from Dutch supercar maker Spyker will be based on Lotus platforms, use Lotus parts and could even be designed by the Norfolk firm as part of an agreement signed between the two car makers today.

Spyker’s forthcoming Aileron supercar will use parts manufactured by Lotus, but the agreement goes further than just parts sharing. The Parts and Platform Commonality Agreement allows platform sharing, paving the way for future Spykers to be based on the new Lotus Esprit, using Hethel’s expertise in lightweight aluminium chassis technology.

The co-operation also includes a Design and Engineering Agreement relating to all of Spyker’s future models. That means that Lotus will be heavily involved in the development and design of Spyker's cars.

The two companies have been working together on various projects for the last four years, and Lotus Engineering has played a big part in developing the Aileron and the D8 4x4.
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