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Looking for more information re TSBs

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Hey GM Techs :),

I'm looking to get more information on a couple of TSBs. Would it be possible to provide me that information? If not, would a GM dealer provide me that information if I ask them nicely?

The two TSBs that I would like to have more information on are:

04-08-42-013 NOV 04 Lighting - Headlamps Shake While Driving

01-02-32-001L AUG 07 Steering - Clunking Felt/Heard From Steering Column

Thanks again :).
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#04-08-42-013: Headlamps Shake at Night (Install Bracket) - (Nov 23, 2004)

Subject:Headlamps Shake at Night (Install Bracket)

Models:2004 Pontiac Grand Prix


Some customer may comment that the headlamps shake at night.

  1. <LI type=1>Remove the headlamps following SI Document ID #1235508.

  1. <LI type=1>Using a side cutter, remove the rubber bumper as shown in the illustration above.

    <LI type=1>Measure from the CENTER of the existing hole 17 mm (21/32 in) outboard. Then measure 10 mm (13/32 in) from the end of that line upward. Drill an 11 mm (3/8 in) hole through the fascia support (drill pilot hole first)/ Refer to the illustration above.

    <LI type=1>Install a push-in nut into the bracket and install the bracket to the new hole in the fascia using one of the bolts from the kit. Refer to the illustration above.

    <LI type=1>Mark the center of the hole in the bracket. Refer to the illustration above. Notice: If needed in this next step, for better access to the marked hole location, loosen the cross car carrier by undoing the screw on the top outboard attachment leg. Slip off the location pin and flex cross car carrier forward. Cover the fender to avoid damage by the tool (the pilot hole can be drilled first).
    <LI type=1>Remove the support bracket. Center punch the mark made in Step 5 and drill an 11 mm (3/8 in) hole in the wheelhouse extension panel.

    Important: If needed, flatten the flange of the wheelhouse extension panel to get a flat seating surface for the J-clip and also for the fascia support bracket.
    <LI type=1>Place the J-clip over the hole that was just drilled. Refer to the illustration above. <LI type=1>Reinstall the support bracket and install the bolt in the J-clip and fascia support and tighten both bolts. Repeat for other side. Tighten
    Tighten the bolts to 9 ±2 N·m (7 lb ft).

    <LI type=1>Replace the plastic headlamp retainer with a metal retainer to the fascia support, orienting the upper tab rearward in car position. Ensure the part marked "L" is used on the left hand side of the fascia support and the part marked "R" is used on the right hand side of the fascia support. Refer to the illustration above. <LI type=1>Push the metal headlamp retainer down until it contacts the upper radiator support. <LI type=1>Mark the location to drill a hole in the radiator support tie bar using the hole in the metal headlamp retainer as a template. <LI type=1>Remove the metal headlamp retainer from the fascia support. <LI type=1>Drill a #3, 5.5 mm (7/32 in) hole in the radiator support.

    <LI type=1>Reinstall the metal headlamp retainer to the fascia support. Ensure the two holes marked in the illustration above are clear before the headlamp installation. Do not push down on the retainer. Important: If needed, lift the metal headlamp retaining fork to allow the headlamp retention posts to slide through the headlamp retaining fork and fascia support.
    <LI type=1>Install the headlamp. Refer to SI Document ID #1235508. <LI type=1>Push the headlamp retainer fork down until the tab on the retainer fork rests against the radiator support tie bar.

    <LI type=1>Install the bolt through the retainer and tighten the bolt. Refer to the illustration above. Tighten
    Tighten the bolt to 5 ±1 N·m (4 lb ft).
    <LI type=1>Verify correct headlamp function and operation.​
  2. Verify that the headlamps are aimed correctly.
<A href="">Parts Information

Part Number
Bracket Kit
Parts are expected to be available from GMSPO on Nov. 16, 2004.
Warranty Information

For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:
Labor Operation
Labor Time
Headlamp Bracket Kit (Both Sides)
0.8 hr​

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#01-02-32-001O: Clunk Felt/Noise Heard From Stering Column, Steering Gear and/or Front of Vehicle During Turnign Maneuver and/or Steering Wheel Rotation (Replace Intermediate Shaft As Directed) - (Mar 27, 2008)

Models:2001-2004 Buick Regal
2005-2007 Buick Allure (Canada Only), LaCrosse
2000-2008 Chevrolet Impala
2000-2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
1998-2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue
2004-2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

This bulletin is being revised to provide new I-shaft part numbers for servicing Allure and LaCrosse vehicles built PRIOR to January 1, 2006. A Corrective Action Summary has been added to this bulletin for quick reference. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 01-02-32-001N (Section 02 -- Steering).
Corrective Action Summary:

Model Year
Vehicle Line
Corrective Action
Buick Regal
Replace using P/N 19179922
Buick Allure/LaCrosse
(built PRIOR to January 1, 2006)
Replace using P/N 25829292
Buick Allure/LaCrosse
(built AFTER to January 1, 2006)
Replace using P/N 25828562
Chevrolet Impala
Replace using P/N 19179923
Chevrolet Impala
Replace using P/N 25913681
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Replace using P/N 19179922
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Replace using P/N 25913680
Oldsmobile Intrigue
Replace using P/N 19179922
Pontiac Grand Prix
Replace using P/N 25913680

Some customers may comment on a clunk type noise coming from the front of the vehicle while driving during a turning maneuver. This condition may also be felt through the steering wheel when the vehicle is stationary and the wheel is rotated from steering stop to steering stop. Some vehicles may only exhibit the noise once for every 360° of wheel rotation. On all other vehicles, this clunk noise will be noticed during low speed acceleration or deceleration, typically in light turns of the steering wheel or when applying/releasing the brakes.

This condition may be caused by a "slip stick" condition resulting in the clunk noise or feel through the steering wheel.
Diagnostic Tip

Important: This condition is commonly misdiagnosed as originating in the steering gear and has resulted in the replacement of numerous steering gears without correcting the concern.
Attempt to duplicate the customer's concern and isolate the I-shaft by following the procedure below:​
  1. <LI type=1>Locate a large area (parking lot) where the vehicle can be turned in a tight circle. <LI type=1>Turn the steering wheel to the right and/or left all the way to the steering lock, then off the steering lock a 1/4 turn. <LI type=1>Drive the vehicle approximately 5 km/h (3 mph) in a circle, preferably over rough pavement or seams on the road surface. <LI type=1>If a clunk is felt in the steering wheel, the MOST likely cause is the I-shaft -- not the steering gear. Continue with the correction.
  2. Drive the vehicle straight ahead at idle speed while applying and releasing the brake pedal. Listen/feel the steering wheel for the clunk-/noise condition.

Replace the intermediate shaft
DO NOT lube the intermediate shaft.
Replace the existing intermediate shaft using the service procedure found in Service Information.
Parts Information

Part Number
Shaft -- Steering Gear Coupling
'01-'04 Buick Regal
'00-'05 Chev Monte Carlo
'98-'02 Olds Intrigue
Shaft -- Steering Gear Coupling
'00-'05 Chev Impala
Shaft -- Steering Gear Coupling
'06-'07 Chev Monte Carlo
'04-'08 Pont Grand Prix
Shaft -- Steering Gear Coupling
'06-'08 Chev Impala
Shaft -- Steering Gear Coupling '05-'06 Buick Allure and LaCrosse vehicles built PRIOR to January 1, 2006
Shaft -- Steering Gear Coupling ’06-'07 Buick Allure and LaCrosse vehicles built AFTER January 1, 2006
Warranty Information

For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:
Labor Operation
Labor Time
Shaft, Steering Intermediate - R&R
Use Published Labor Operation Time​
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Thanks a million, GMCSonoma.

I really do appreciate this info.
Anything to be of help's what I like to do most!!!!!
I own a 2006 buick allure cxl with this exact steering problem and contacted gm canada to find out about any recalls on this .they called me back and would not give me any info on recalls but told me to bring the car to the dealership and let them know when it is booked in and they would contact the dealership .the warranty is up on this car now so is gm helping to cover the cost of repairs and if not how much is it to replace the i shaft on these cars .
It would have been covered if your vehicle is under warranty. If you are out of warranty you are SOL. It is not a recall because it is not a safety concern. It just makes noise. Some shops and people just lube the ISS and everything is back to normal. The replacement ISS fixes the problem altogether.
thanks for the reply . this fixes the noise in the steering but still have some prolems with the steering in this thing .when i drive over small ruts or uneven pavement the car just seems to go where it wants has there been any other steering issues with these cars that you know of .
No nothing else. I know the main problem with w-bodies was the ISS but can't recall anything else.
does anybody have any info on tsb 10019443 this is to do wiyh stabilitrak system .
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