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Looking Back: 2005 Buick LaCrosse

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Continuing 91 s-10baja's Looking Back thread series, something closer to modern history:

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Continuing 91 s-10baja's Looking Back thread series, something closer to modern history:

OH God nooooooooooo!
I enjoyed my 2006 CXS. I do expect to keep my current Buick much longer though. Used versions of this car would be a good commuter vehicle at a great price.
The LaCrosse Super is still the fastest (top speed) production Buick ever. Also, for some reason, it handled better than the other V8 W body cars
OMG, those headlights........... :eek: MY eyes................ (at the 0:36 mark)
I disagree with Motorweek, the LaCrosse looked old to me even when it was new.
The LaCrosse Concept would've been awesome looking as a production vehicle had they minimized the changes.

As for the production car, well, I think maybe it'd have been nice as an Epsilon LWB (Maxx/G6/Aura) vehicle with a properly Buick interior/exterior, standard 3.6L (would the Equinox's Aisin 5AT have worked here?), and maybe called the Century or LaCrosse. And then as something of a replacement for nicer Buicks (and instead of the 2006 Lucerne) a Zeta sedan launched as a 2006 or 2007 sedan above 30K would've been exactly what would've benefited Buick and a seriously challenger to the mid and upper level 300s, plus the Genesis and assortment of entry-luxury Japanese sedans. The LaCrosse was somewhat stuck as a sedan that was more expensive than conventional midsize sedans like the Camcord (at least considering the sticker) but below their upscale sedans like the ES and TL. Instead of some sweet spot, it become a nowhere land where the already-dated product was reduced to discounting. Had they invested more in the vehicle's design and technology, they could've commanded higher prices earlier on (basically what they did for the 2010 LaCrosse).

The 2005 LaCrosse was not bad, but having had a 2004 Accord EX V-6 and having driven a LaCrosse CXL, the Buick's ride quietness was its only real strength. Despite the larger dimensions, there wasn't an abundance of additional space and the mass market versions using the 3.8L was no match for Honda and Toyota's silky V-6s. And I won't even bring up interior design and quality. And that was again the issue with such cars: they weren't bad, but unless you got a deal on one you could spend similar or less money elsewhere and still get a better product. Lucily the 2010+ has been a stunning improvement over this car despite the charm I have for the Super.
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I bought a 2009 Lacrosse CXL and got a screaming deal post-bankruptcy. It was a nice-looking car with 17" Chrome wheels and gray leather interior, and those seats were wonderfully comfortable, with ample room in the cabin and trunk. It rode nicely and was very quiet.

Unfortunately it had troubles from day one with warped rotors, a transmission that was out for repairs 4 times in 2 years, an A/C compressor that pulsated and power steering that made noise. Two dealers could never fix the transmission and I ended up dumping it after 2 years. I also could never get past the old-man image it carried. Lesson learned.
Low on character, decent on value. I do not, however, believe they were as stout as the Regal/Century.

The Avalon of the same era was a much better car.
The only repairs I had were tie-rod ends, blown rear speaker, and a passenger airbag sensor in 2.5 years and 32,000 miles with my CXS before trading it in for the G8 GT. Reliability did not make me trade it in. Great deal and appeal of the G8 GT did.
It wasn't so bad, but I definately can sense the pre-bankruptcy design and "old Buick" cues in it. I did grin as the narrarator kept using words like "modern".
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Looking at this video, I am reminded how high the production values were on the old Motorweek series. The way they catch the car coming over a hill, in a turn, etc. The dissolves between shots and using a cloud of dust as a transition. There is feature film camera work here. It's obvious that the narrator is reading from a script, but it is still concise and informative. Motorweek was the "quality" on car reviews. Youtube is the "quantity".
A more up to date(for then) twist on traditional Buick cush. I was in a CXL one of these once and it was comfortable and well heeled IMO.
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