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Looking Back: 1996 Chevrolet S-10 3-door Commercials

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In 1996, the market for pickups was more competitive than ever. To lure buyers, they are gaining in refinement and power. Innovation helped convince customers. At GM, tricks included the first ever rear cab access panel on the driver side. This simple but original solution made it much easier to gain access to the rear compartment of the extended cab...

Video: 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Commercials
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The third commercial was the best. Reminds me of my '96 ZR2 ext. cab. I really liked that truck, yeah it had some issues with ball joints, elec. bugs, poor interior trim(door panels coming loose) but it was very competent on and off road. I thought these along with their SUV platform-mates had some of the best styling at the time too.:)
I wanted a ZR2 when I was a kid.

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my favorite year for S-10
Those were the days when GM knew how to advertise there products.
my favorite year for S-10
Agreed, my favorite generation for the styling. Just a clean looking truck.
We still drive T-Blazers in our family with around 200K on them.
GM offers nothing like them anymore, the Equinox/Terrain just don't cut it.
I prefer the '98+ refresh style grill and better exterior mirrors of the '99+.
my favorite year for S-10
im slightly partial to a certain version of the 89-91 :)
i was always a fan of the ZR2 models. wish that GM brings something like it back. the 05-10 colorado Z71 did not offer as many upgrades as the ZR2 package had.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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