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Because of my price range, I am stuck looking at the older suburbans and would like to know everyone's opinion between the two...

I'm looking at a 1986, 1991, and a 1993. All have less than 120,000 miles (or so they say)...The 1986 has been lowered which I like the look but not sure about the affects that has on it and said to have around 90,000 original miles. The 1991 is a "outrider conversion"...whatever that is and has a rebuilt 700R tranny and said to have 67,000 original miles. The 1993 is said to be a 2nd owner with 110,000 miles...has the 350 fuel injected with a rebuilt tranny around 80k. All of them seem to have very minor, cosmetic issues but nothing mechanical.

I have zero automotive skill and no experience with Suburbans at all...any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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