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Looking at 2002 Sierra Denali to turbocharge-Quadrasteer Strength ?

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I'm looking at an early 2000s sierra/silverado to turbocharge, its common for guys to add the 6L/4L80/Cam/Turbo and get these things into the 11 sec 1/4 mile range with 4wd/AWD.
I'd like to to this (with an ECSB) and was wondering how the Quadrasteer on the early 2000s sierra denalis would be...I know its an extra 300Lbs, but what about strength in straight line accelleration ? these setups run 0-60 in about 3.5 sec.

any input would be great !
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Not sure if you're serious. But - the quadrasteer is fine, it's a very robust setup and didn't have many problems besides occasional sensors (power won't make a difference). But don't expect to make a GMT800 truck do 11's and be reliable. Expect to have 15k into a truck (plus the cost of the truck) that will break.
Looks common enough..Yes, I'm counting on 25k total, with the AWD/4WD 0-60 times look great (traction) and MANY people (search Youtube) are in the 11s and 12s with the 6.0/boost/cam/4L80

this SSS goes 12.0 at 115mph with 11psi from a SC on 93 octane
and hardcore "race" guys are in the 9s and 10s with strokers and more boost

I have a buddy with a '04 1500HD QS. I don't think he's had any problems with it, but it's also stock.
My 03' Denali with quadrasteer has been holding up fine for the past 7 years with a Magnacharger/headers/cam. I also use the truck as a truck so that includes towing a 4 place snowmobile trailer in the winters. The only driveline issue I had was I scored the bearings on the front diff when I went from OD to 3rd gear up a hill while towing. The trans is built so when it downshifted it slamed to 3500rpms and full boost, front end was the weak link by far.
what is the best way to solve that ? different front diff or not going from OD to 3rd under load/boost ?
I have never had an issue while not towing, that was an isolated incident when I was towing about 6500 lbs. From then on I just never towed using cruise control or anticipated the downshift and kicked it out of cruise control.
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