Is there anything more American than being too loud for the Green Hell?

The Corvette ZR1 has been told to pipe down at the Nordschleife, after allegedly breaching the 100 dB noise ceiling allowed during Industry test sessions on Tuesday.
The video gives us a look at Team Corvette's handiwork, engineers simply stuffing the ZR1's center mount quad-exhaust with extra piping, giving it a freaky looking steampunk vibe. The video also kills any hope the ZR1 would be all-motor, that is most definitely the scream of a supercharger echoing off the German arbor.

The shooters report even with the additions it was still spitting fire on the overrun, also, note how often the front splitter was scrapping the ground through some of the Nordschleife's banked corners.

But there's something curious going on with the red mirror car. Yesterday when we thought it sounded different it was sporting a VP Racing Fuels sticker, but during today's run it had a Nurburgring sticker where the VP one had been.

The little wing prototype made another appearance as well--truthfully, I think they're trolling us because this one's missing the unmistakably supercharged sounds of the big winged car...