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Locate Used Tahoe

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We turned in a 2005 Tahoe on 8/27/08 from a SmartBuy contract to Snell BPG in Dallas TX. We're interested in repurchasing this vehicle. Is there any way to locate it? We called Snell and they stated that GMAC picked up the vehicle just a couple days after our transaction. We tried GM Certified's web site, but you seem to be limited to a zip code search within 250 miles. We called GM's customer assistance line and they referred us to GMAC. After waiting for GMAC over 35 minutes we hung up. We tried Car Fax but last entry they have is from the Texas state inspection in 2006.

VIN # 1GNEC13T25R181380

Thanks for any insight.
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wow, interesting request...
was something valuable hidden in it?....

hope you find it..
It is a strange request isn't it. Actually pretty simple, the vehicle was immaculate with zero issues after a few initial things were addressed. Wife loves the truck and is aware of it's previous care and condition. The balloon was $21,000 after 4 years. With 54k miles, given the market we were willing to let it go, then see what it came back onto the market for. We were anticipating GMAC taking a hit at auction, just not sure how much.

Thus we thought locating the vehicle would have been much easier.
No dirty pictures under the cup holders, but that video in the console ;)

You guys are pretty funny. Thanks for looking around. I'll take a plug at GMAC in the morning.
Better idea is to juts go get another one, you will get it way cheaper as your 05 Buy out was prolly very high givin the market today...
Yep that was exactly our thoughts. She really wants this particular one back cause we have first hand knowledge of the care and condition.

Plan B would be to look at the used market in general.

for examplewe just bought a 2006 loaded leather the works for 18 grand and this is canada, US would be cheaper again..1 year old suburbans are going for 50%
Now your talking. That's the price point and deal we're looking for.
I have an 05 I'll sell you. It's very nice
Send me the info and pics of the truck and we'll take it into consideration.

I can confirm, that is the truck of mystery whereabouts. :) It had 54k and some change. I'll have to look and see if I can locate the mileage statement.

Don't go and spend time away from the family or miss out on helping real customers, but I do appreciate your effort.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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