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Originally posted by tgagneguam@Apr 5 2004, 01:24 AM
It's funny, my patriotic bias longs for the return of the days when Lincoln and Cadillac were vying for luxury car sales supremacy. They both lost their ways, and for the moment they must be content watching BMW and Lexus battle for #1. Admittedly, Caddy is muscling its way past Mercedes this year to at least make a run for #3.

I recall GMI's running pictures of some Lincoln concepts recently (as demonstrated in the above article), and the thinly-disguised (?), Mazda6-based next generation Aviator concept looked like a winner to me.

And thankfully Toyota has clearly established a pattern over the years of going it alone; there will be no Toyota buying out any large manufacturer. That's fine; there are plenty of talented people at Ford who can save Lincoln... if they're allowed to do so.
I'm not too worried about Cadillac catching Lexus and BMW :D I can't think of a single other car company creating as much excitement right now.
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