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The car shown in the picture is a Lincoln show car called the Mark IX, it was shown about 3 or 4 years ago.

I dont have much doubt that Cadillac and General Motors will do everything that they can to bring Cadillac back to the number #1 position as quickly as can be.

Lincoln and Mercury...and well pretty much all of Ford is sort of wandering around without any direction.

The Mazda 6 based Lincoln sounds like a last ditch effort...which I dont think will help much.

I dont understand why Ford it starving Lincoln and Mercury. I'm guessing that I has decided that Jaguar will carry the luxury car banner for Ford, and Lincoln will continue to make Town Cars for seniors and limo/hearse builders.

Too bad...because Lincoln does have a considerable ammount of heratige..I hate to beat on the RETRO horse again..but Lincoln could use at least a temporary shot in the arm that a retro design can bring. I would replace the Town Car with a semi-retro 1961 Continental inspried design. A "suicide" door Continental, in both hartop and convertible versions. I know that Ford is guilty of retro-abuse, but I cant think of any other way that Lincoln can make anyone interested in their cars again.

Lincoln still has no car based cross-over vehicle, but at least one is on the way, 2 years after the Cadillac SRX, and countless years after cars like Lexus RX300.

The LS has been dead in the water since the CTS came out, it needs a re-style, badly.

Lincoln needs a coupe, something along the lines of that car shown in the photo.
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