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Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

It pains me to say it because I absolutely dig Lincolns and I long for a big comeback a la Cadillac; but at the moment, Lincoln has no future. Their plans for trying to stay competitive are dismal.

Their concept cars are horribly uninspiring, looking like they were pieced together out of old Lincoln parts from three or four different eras in a hopeless search for an identity.

Their F-150-based luxo truck is such an obvious repeat of the Blackwood blunder. They still haven't figured out that an F-150 knock-off with a Lincoln nameplate isn't quite the same thing as an Avalanche knock-off with a Cadillac logo--if Cadillac were successful with a Silverado-based EXT, then Lincoln would have something to hope for. Don't they get it?

This really really sucks. Lincoln should be undergoing a renaissance of its own, following in the footsteps of Cadillac as it has done historically. Instead, it's looking more and more hopeless for Lincoln as Ford continues to abandon it in favor of its European luxury brand acquisitions. <_<
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