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You can base successful products off of a single platform. As much abuse as Chrysler gets for the K-car, it worked. Nearly all of the K-car based products sold successfully and, I'm sure, they all made money. Chrysler's problem (as GM and Ford shared at the time) was the lack of differentiation between related products (or overuse of common parts). Nearly all K/E-body Chrysler products shared windhields, front doors, and front clips as well as taillights and assorted other bits. GM and Ford had a little more money to differentiate their products but suffered with similar family traits.

As long as the invisible parts are shared, I don't see a problem with using a good platform for many different products. Sure, Ford might want to use the Mazda6's platform for up to 10 products in the next few years...but as long as they don't share too many visible parts (look at the Lincoln Aviator concept and compare that to the Mazda6), I don't see the problem.

As for the new Lincoln Zephyr (the name apparently planned for the Mazda6-based Lincoln), it could be a good car. The Mazda6 is a great product in its segment and a larger, more luxury/sport oriented model could carry the Lincoln badge properlyl.

Lincoln has more (yet unannounced) products coming to replace the LS and Town Car. In the next three or four years, the entire Lincoln lineup should be properly revamped. I, personally, would like to see a more agressive overhaul, but Lincoln's getting some sort of update, so I can't complain too loud.

When all is said and done, Lincoln will have the Zephyr, an LS replacement, a Town Car replacement, and possibly a "flagship" sedan, all with the possibility of AWD. On the "truck" side, there will be the car-based Aviator, the successful Navigator, and the Mark LT (pickup).

As much as I dislike the idea of the Mark LT, I don't see the complaint about it being a "new Blackwood." The Cadillac "Avalanche" has worked for GM, why couldn't Lincoln do a similar thing with a very successful Ford pickup? The Blackwood's problems included (aside from the production delays and quality issues) the fact that it was neither fish nor was a pickup, but the bed had a permanent lid, preventing any actual pickup usage.

Lincoln's styling should become as radical as the CTS was from previous Cadillacs. I don't, however, like their modern interpretation of the 1961 Continental. The Aviator concept just looked too much like an AMC Concord in the front and not enough like the classic Connie. The Mark IX concept and, to a lesser degree, the Navicross concept should provide a better sense of where Lincoln should be headed, in my opinion. The styling of Aviator concept and the Mark X just didn't do anything for the Lincoln brand.
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