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One you tuber video..i think road show says 80 examples for 2019 at 100 grand for these suicide doors? And extended rear legroom for largest in class. 400 tt v6 power...

80 for regular doors...

I hope it spurs the continental into a sales success. Ford needs a passenger car win....or eventually they will just make trucks and the mustang
I don't this is about volume, not even for the standard Continental. The truth is this is just a really cool gimmick that will garner plenty of, hopefully, positive press. This is in many ways to Lincoln what the Ford GT is to Ford, a very limited production halo car that with any luck raises the perception of the brand.

Lincoln has the new world class Navigator and soon will have the Aviator in the middle, and the new Corsair on the entry level. If crossovers and SUVs are truly the future then Lincoln is quickly positioning itself to succeed in that space. What Lincoln needs more than anything right now is brand awareness and a high end perception... exactly what this limited edition Continental aims to provide. I'm not saying it'll work, only that I think that is the purpose of this car, rather than immediate volume increases.
1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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