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Lincoln MKS first drive

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It is nice but it is so very bland. People have said the new front grille treatment is distinctive but I just don't see it - it looks overchromed and the headlights are small and unexciting.

Lincoln's been doing some weird things lately. The retro gauges, too-big taillights (MKZ) and too-small taillights (Navigator), excessively chromed grilles (Navigator, MKS), name changes after a year (Zephyr/MKZ), neglect of good models (LS), maintaining old relics (Town Car), botching good designs (Navigator), alphabet-soup names (all).... the list goes on.

The MKS is nice but after all this nonsense, it does not stand out. If it takes some (or lots of) sales from the Lexus ES, though, I'll be happy. That dopey luxo-Camry deserves to fail.

I must say, though, the Mark X concept grille was very distinctive and it is nice to see it on the MKX. Also, I love the MKZ interior and the exterior isn't too bad. And the retro gauge idea is one I am a fan of.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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