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Lemon Aid auction for Cadillac Owner

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Contact: Neil D. Hayes
[email protected]
Phone 615 403 8337
Fax 305-723-8385
Nashville TN, 37217

Press Release

Autozcape launches online lemon-aid auction to assist consumer in retrieving vehicle from Nashville Cadillac Dealer
Automotive designer and journalist is appalled at ongoing denial of vehicle defects and arbitrary warranty coverage.
Nashville, TN March 16, 23, 2004:

Russel Bobo a native Tennessean has reached the limit of being treated like a annoyance instead of a customer.His 1999 Seville STS has been plagued with vibrations problem from the moment he purchased it. Having spent an additional $1000.00 to have the vehicle qualify for Cadillac’s Certification Warranty. After exhausting all measures of getting warranty coverage which he is entitled to, he is taking the unusual step of having a lemon-aid auction selling his Cadillac automobilia collection.
According to Bobo, “This is so wrong I have been so patient and especially when I found out about the used tires my car had installed on it, when I bought it” It should be noted that the STS is equipped with a very sensitive computerized suspension. “I’ve talked myself blue about what was going to happen to my STS with those bad tires and finally after 18 mos. Cadillac replaced the tires”. “But now all the other damage is surfacing and Cadillac Customer service says it is my fault.” “That ain ’t right”
Any research done into Cadillac tire and vibrations show many , many problems and Cadillac has kept this information strictly between themselves and the Dealer’s claims Hayes.
In April a new Seville will be introduced and has gone back to rear wheel-drive many claim in an attempt to eliminate the poor drivetrain NVH characteristics. The 1998 to 2004 Seville and current Cadillac Deville’s are front wheel drive.

Autozcape which is a recognized automotive art and information site has offered to assist in organizing an E-bay and online getting the funds required to allow the car to be retrieved from the Service Department of Andrews Cadillac in Brentwood Tennessee
. Various original design Cadillac sketches and classic photographs will be offered to assist in raising funds so the vehicle can be released. It must be noted that Cadillac Motor car Division has offered to at one time
re-imburse for the repairs and presently will review what portion they will consider. Because of the
ambiguity the public is asked to assist

• Visit to view protest
• For information re: 1998 to 2004 Cadillac Seville Front Vibration Problems
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