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anyone see the small half lip spoiler in the last photo? i would like to see how that looks going all the way across
Looks pretty cool, headlites look decent. The only thing I dont care for is the tire profile on the smaller wheels, looks lile to much tire on not enuf rim! I think they all Camaros should come with atleast 18's.
I think it is a good looking car. The fact that the V6 model looks this good makes me really interested in seeing the top V8 models sans top! :D
Re: Leaked: production 2010 Camaro Convertible photos

Oh my. Are those real??? They look, well they look like **** if that's how they'll be outfitted. I want the mule's headlights back now too. :(
Maybe these, too, are "not the real headlights". If you notice, the Red mockup car (which looks to me to be the one from the GM accessories studio video) has a different headlight "sticker" on it that looks pretty faithful to the concept.

And the no scoop on the front tells me that could be how the V6s come and they put the scoop on the V8s.

FWIW I think it looks great, I can't wait to get my hands on one!!!!
The car looks great, but the door handles really look out of place. Perhaps they should have gone with the traditional "hamburger" doorhandles for this one.
Looks real. It's been mentioned that the vehicle had a set of wheels on one side and another set on the other side to evaluate how they would look on the Camaro. The door handles and side view mirrors are a dead giveaway that this is a production Camaro and not a chop of the concept.

To me, it seems that the base V6 model will have no front scoop, standard halogen headlights and smaller diameter wheels. The SS model will probably have the hood scoop, larger wheels similar to the concept and possibly a new dual HID projector headlights, which would account for the mules having those temporary dual projector bulbs.
i probally would not get the silver.. but still even if it is a chop it looks good.

i am really thinking about a getting a V6 version.. ONLY if it has over 300hp if not higher...
that says alot for me because never bf would i have gotten a V6 camaro.... i mean i otherwise i would just keep my Grand Prix.

is anyone else thinking about getting the V6 for the first time too? just wondering
And 80's Camaro all over again. (Note: No hood scoop, and headlights)
That particular series doesn't do much for me. Its gone overboard with the spoiler and other accoutrements. Looks gawdy to me. I'll still with the base model design and a big block.

It is more important to me how fast it really is, than how fast it looks.
These pics are all released intentionally to keep us from forgetting the concept....they wouldn't have to do this is they were a little speedier in putting this car into production.

In any case, it looks great. Not sure if those are the production wheels (Equinox?) or headlights, but the car looks good. I think that I'd like one in black or red though.

This car is kind of large. I hope that GM can figure out how to save some weight.
Does anybody know of another site that's hosting the pics? I can't go to camaro5 from work.
the top pic has the old iroc wheels on the right and the show car's wheels on the left... why?
Just say it on LLN. Still looks way pre-production to me. And either the headlights still arn't the real one's or they are base model lights, or they cheaped out on the lights altogether. I'm going with the former, it's just still to unfinished looking and the pic is very grainy.
I am reserving judgement until I see it on the showroom floor. I remember many moons ago when the GMT-900 Silverados were coming out, everybody (including me) thought they were very ugly and disproportional. But the first time I saw one on the street, I fell in love. The spy photos don't do any car justice. I am 100% positive that the camaro will be the best looking car on the road when it is released, convertable or coupe.
the top pic has the old iroc wheels on the right and the show car's wheels on the left... why?
First thing I saw ! Bad photoshopping ?
Hey, can FBodFather confirm or deny the possibilities of a Targa or T-Top coming to the Camaro yet?
Fake or not, the complaints about the missing hood scoops has to stop. The headline states BASE model.
these can't be real the two pics don't even have the same rims
The rims on the bottom car look like they are off of a 2005 Impala.
This is pretty much exactly what I expected it to look like. Smaller wheels - no hoodscoop. Large round headlights. One of those sets of rims looks almost identical to the 16 inch 5 spokes of the 3rd gens. Nice touch I think.
I like it a lot. But I think the Mustang is right there with it looks wise. They better figure out a way to keep the pricing fairly close to the Mustang.
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