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Le Mans Connection:
1978 Holden Torana A9X

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Holden fans check out this superb article on what I’d reckon to be among the top-three Torana race cars ever, and certainly the most original.

This is the only surviving, authentic factory-created and now unique ‘Le Mans Special’

With its unique original specific build and intention, plus great Bathurst history, is this genuine GMP&A - and then some!

So unique it’s not technically one of the rare Holden Torana SS A9X road cars (100 built) or one of those super rare (33 built) GMP&A A9X racing Hatchbacks, or indeed even a Torana - so rare that, although a factory build by GM-H, it’s not actually a Holden..

Presenting what was one of *originally 3 constructed, but now the one-and-only GMP&A “B Forbes”

(details at link)

*one of iirc three factory-lightweight Le Mans-spec GMP&A ‘rolling shells’ constructed by Holden - one destroyed at Amaroo Raceway (owner Bob Jane, driver Bob Morris) and afaik an uncompleted spare - fate unknown?
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