Callaway is no stranger to big four-digit horsepower numbers, but that also means that the numbers following the $ are even bigger. The tuner's latest project seeks to create a Camaro whose price tag and hp are a little less scary.

The Camaro LT1 SC630 produces a more-than-enough but perhaps not jaw-dropping 630 hp. It also costs a not-small-but-maybe-manageable $54,000.

Power comes via a Gen 3 TVS2300 supercharger that is managed by Callaway's own TripleCooler intercooler. The tuner also adds a new high-flow intake to make sure the blower is provided with all the air it can blow and ECU calibration so that all of the parts play nice together.

Unlike other tuner cars, though, the Camaro LT1 SC630 doesn't shout out that it's making big power with wild exterior accessories. That's partly because they're expensive and partly to give this Camaro a sleeper vibe.

Pretty much the only thing on the car's exterior that could give it away is a 630 badge on the grille. Otherwise, there are some clues on the door sills and the floor mats, but it's all subtlety and class.