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Methinks the article should have been entitled differently: "The Last Saturn Rolls off the Line in June."

Hmmm, let's kill Oldsmobile and send the Relay and Terrazza (nee Silhouette) over to Saturn and Buick and the Rainier (nee Bravada) to Buick. Then, we'll kill the quite pleasing Intrigue and let Saturn soldier on in the family sedan market with the failing L-series.

I know, it's quite debatable as to whether Oldsmobile should have gone in place of another division (like Saturn), but clearly I'm in the "Oldsmobile shoulda stayed" camp. While we're promised great cars for Saturn in the future, the present reveals little in the way of redeeming automobiles. Contrast that to some nice cars that Oldsmobile already had (like the Intrigue and Aurora), and it seems that strengthening Oldsmobile would have been far easier than resurrecting Saturn. This is why "Ronny" [Zarella] needed to go.

The point is pretty moot, though; all the "shoulda, coulda, woulda's" are pointless at this moment.
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