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Kool Vue Replacement Mirrors

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2016 Suburban LT

The passenger sideview mirror was torn off (my fault) and the dealer wants $760 for a replacement. I found Kool Vue aftermarket mirrors on line and was wondering if anyone has experience with them.

Also, is a reliable source?

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I didn’t get any feedback so I ordered a mirror. Once I get it and have it installed I’ll report back on its quality,
fit and function.
So you are saying that you are a spammer?
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So you are saying that you are a spammer?
How exactly does this make me a spammer? I asked if anyone has had any experience with Kool Vue mirrors, didn’t get a reply, so I ordered one for my truck. When I get it installed I’ll report back so the group knows if it’s a good product or not.

Does that answer your question???
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A quick update on my Kool Vue replacement mirror. The mirror arrived but the heavy handed mail carriers damaged the box and mirror. Using car live chat feature I reported the issue and a replacement was processed within a day. The quality of the mirror seems quite good. It feels sturdy and looks like an OEM part. I’m not sure yet if I have to return the broken one but if I don’t, I’ll disassemble it and see what the internal quality is like.

Thanks and more to come.

jim (not a spammer)
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