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Originally posted by BBcamaroSS@Jan 11 2004, 02:38 PM
Well there was a reason they didnt show GM products as much as Ford and chrystler....Because we have nothing!
Well, I just got back from the Detroit show last night and I have to say I was fairly impressed. I've been going to car shows since I was a teenager and this is the first time the American automakers had a larger volume of appealing production and concept cars than the rest of the world.

I was pleasanly surprised with GM. The Solstice looks very, very good and if they really bring it to market for US$20,000, I think it will do very well. The Nomad concept was a real favourite - if Chevy could bring it to market in a couple of years at a competitive price, I'd take a serious look at buying one.

The Corvette is far more impressive in person than in photos. They've leaned it down a bit - it looks like a dead serious performance car in person - very athletic and balanced. Yes, it's an evolution of the existing look, but with much better, balanced proportions and nice detailing.

The Cobalt also looks more impressive in person - nicely tailored and looking far more "rich" than previous J-cars. If they are priced competitively against the Civic and Corolla and prove to drive as sophisticated as they look, they may do very well. I had a similar impression of the G6 - it didn't blow me away, but - unlike that Grand Am - I could actually see someone choosing a G6 over an Altima, Mazda6 or other sporty/family sedan.

I'm still not crazy about the Malibu sedan's styling, but the Maxx has definite presence. If GM would only offer a manual transmission, it would be another car I'd give serious consideration next time around.

The show was also the first time I'd seen a XLR in person it it too has real presence. I may not yet be better than a Mercedes Benz, but it has its own look and personality and that alone would be enough reason for a lot a buyers to choose it. It certainly looks impressive and would be a great car to "arrive" in.

GM still has a whole sea of cars that didn't register, but it seems it is headed in the right direction with ample differentiation between divisions and new, focused products. If they can get the details right and don't let up, I'm sure they'll start to be able to sell on product rather than on price.

One side note - while a lot of the new GM cars were more impressive in person, the one surprising exception was the GTO. I say surprising because I was one of the few that liked what I saw in the photos - I thought it looked clean and mature. But, surrounded by other GM cars at the show, it kind of blended in. It certainly has a nice interior and undoubtedly is a great car to drive, but for a car brand new on the market, it doesn't really stand out. Given that I think many people will cross shop it with the new Mustang (which I think looks pretty damn spectacular), I think it's a good thing Pontiac only expects to sell around 18,000.
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