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It looks like someone at GM will be having a nice long talk with the people at Motor Trend (or maybe their distributor)...

I just picked up a copy of the Feburary issue at the local (central Indiana) Kroger news stand. The cover features the 2005 Mustang (which, I'm sure will tick off the powers-that-be at Ford) and has a nice 8-page spread of the C6.

Some particulars:

6.0l (5970cc) LS2 V-8
10.9:1 compression ratio
400 hp @ 6000 rpm
400 lb*ft @ 4400 rpm
6500 rpm redline
18 x 8.5 wheels front
19 x 10.0 wheels back
245/40ZR18 front
285/35ZR19 back (Goodyear Eagle F1 GS run-flats)
105.7 wheelbase
62.1 front track
60.7 rear track
174.6 length (5 inches shorter than C5 according to the article)
3245 lb curb weight
0-60 4.1 sec
1/4 mile - 12.5 @ 115.0
$47,000 base price

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The february date of the magazine means the isuse is supposed to go on sale in January. Motor Trend Rushed the issue, and released it in December. This technically is wrong.
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