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Are all of our jobs going to India and China? Or is this just another minor change we'll learn to deal with, a result of "Globalization"?


Poor job training 'cause of US woes'

WASHINGTON: Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned yesterday that "protectionist cures" being advanced to deal with US job insecurities would make the situation worse.

Entering the politically charged debate over US service jobs being shipped overseas, Greenspan said that it was a lack of adeuqate educational training rather "outsourcing" which posed the greatest threat to future American prosperity.

Greenspan, speaking to the annual meeting of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce predicted, as he did in congressional testimony last week, that the strengthening economy should lead to stronger employment growth in the months ahead.

He said that the current anxiety about losing jobs to other countries is not new. However, he said the recent migration of service sector jobs, such as employees working in telephone call centres, to India is a new phenomenon. But he cautioned that any answer that involved erecting trade barriers in this country would be wrong.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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