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Jeep Grand Cherokee

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from autoweek.

wow... I dont know what to say.
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It looks like a photoshop. The edges are so rough...ughh...thats a really ugly GC...
The front looks photo-shoped but I still like it. The fender flears look great and the front is perfect for jeep. I hope they produce it.
Its like they took a new Durango and a 03 Grand cherokee and made a cross breed. I see the Dodge it it thats for sure.
Originally posted by bigals87z28@Apr 6 2004, 10:57 AM
from autoweek.

wow... I dont know what to say.
How could they have ruined what was probably one of the classiest looking SUVs of all time??????
The conservative, and tightly proportion Grand Cherokee, has been replaced by some sort of Liberty infected with elephantitis. Why don't the cornering lights intergrate with anything else on the front of the vehicle????? Why did they show the much better looking front end, on the Jeep Rescue concept, to only give the world this monstrosity????? The side and rear views, however, are not bad, which can also be said of the new Durango. Whoever is designing the front-ends of DC SUVs needs to chill out a bit!
I'm really confused. Is this supposed to be a good thing??? Front fascia is just plan wrong. Excellent job on the durango, DC blew this one. Bet it will look better in person. My planes leaves Thurs @ noon for NY. Glad I didnt wait for this, extremely satisfied 04 Envoy owner here.
wow, this is awesome. Jeep is crashing down, and Hummer is coming up! perfect!!!!
Nasty, what a mess Jeep has become. I was really hoping the new Grand Cherokee was going to be a sweet looking ride. O well more sales for the new Saab 9-7X. :flush:
It looks too similar to the old one, and the new comsetic changes arent the best. The cash problem at DC is showing here, after all the delays they just decided to put a new fascia and rear metal :(
man, they ruined it, i guess they couldnt do much with the old one, it aged REALLY well, its one of the nicest SUV's out there, but still they just went a step backward, first the FWD jeep, now this... why do people hate hummer so much again?
Chrysler is really messing up their SUVs. The new Durango looks worse then the first Azteks, and the new Grand Cherokee, while not quite as bad, isn't gonna win any beauty contests. They really need to do something with that front end.
A damn long delay for only a refresh! Anybody else think so? And it's not even a good one...
I like it, except for those rear lights....aboutt he durango's true...but it looks more last gen than the new one....the new one looks like a friggin matchbox toy....just imagine it in 1:24th scale......*smashes ehad on wall* DC needs to start designing good looking trucks....and steal cues from their cars...
I hate the front, but the rear doesn't seem bad-- hm... I've seen those taillights before-- maybe on some Jeep concept? Anyone remember?
It looks like a vehicle photoshopped for a Need For Speed Computer Program...
That front end...damn!! Dont' know about that. The rest of the car looks good though: fenders, rear-end nice. I definitely think the Durango is much nicer though! I really like the new Durango. I'd take it over a Tahoe or Trailblazer EXT any day, especially with the HEMI. Then again, this will have a HEMI too, so we'll have to see.
This was the product of confused germans who don't have the history of making trucks. I beleive there was a lot of issues as to whether to base it on an M-class chasis or something.

The Jeep Rescue concept has hot styling for a truck, hopefully the rest of their lineup will resemble the Rescue in the future, not this. But it'll at least have a hemi.
well, at least its got a hemi.

and I also see a lot of that Rescue model in this one. The rear especialy.
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