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Re: Jarred Hayne NRL to NFL

He flew out today.

I'm a little concerned that RL is now on the map as a producer of athletes. Union, Afl, and now NFL are on the board as being possible, wealthier, destinations.
A bit like when GM 'discovered' Holden?
I made the exact same comparison the other day! Sure it was with my inner monologue, but technically that's still a conversation. :D

That's true - it's hard for the NRL because there are so many options for the players

Draft doesn't work for this reason

Increased Salary cap or unlimited means smaller clubs go under

Too many Sydney clubs

Ect ECt
I liked the idea of a loyalty discount, so the longer a player stays with a club, the higher the salary cap to accommodate a bonus specifically and only for that player. Bonus gets bigger the longer they stay.

I really think Hayne will do well. Tying for the Dally M with the best player in the world must stand for something. Also I think running back is a pretty perfect sport for him, or possibly a strong safety considering his strength and awareness.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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