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Janesville Ratifies New Local Agreement

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Local 95 OKs contract with GM
By JIM LEUTE ( Contact ) Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008

JANESVILLE — Concessionary yet competitive.

That’s how United Auto Workers Local 95 leaders characterized a contract that’s considered a cornerstone to any chance a local coalition has to maintain a General Motors presence in Janesville.

The local contract ratified Friday is expected to be part of a presentation a diverse leadership group will make soon to GM officials who announced in June that a dying market for full-size sport utility vehicles would end production in Janesville by 2010 at the latest.

By an overwhelming margin Friday, Local 95 members ratified the four-year agreement that union and company negotiators reached earlier this week. The negotiations stretched for 14 months, a period when union officials said they went from a strong bargaining position to one overshadowed by extensive layoffs and a plant closing.

Union members ratified a national contract last fall that sets wages, benefits and policy on broad matters. The local contract covers particular operations in a plant, such as the amount of work performed by union members that can be given to outside suppliers. It also deals with job standards, worker classifications, seniority rights and grievances.

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Hopefully they will be able to retool or better yet, build a new plant in Janesville for future product allocation.
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I really want Janesville to stay open. It's GM's oldest plant and probably the oldest plant still producing automobiles. That history should be a part of the plant and used as a marketing tool.
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