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Sub-Compact Car

-- Highest ranked: Hyundai Accent

-- Runners-up: Scion xA, Chevrolet Aveo

Compact Car

-- Highest ranked: Toyota Prius

-- Runners-up: Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Corolla

Compact Sporty Car

-- Highest ranked: Mazda Miata

-- Runners-up: Toyota Celica, Subaru Outback Sport

Midsize Sporty Car

-- Highest ranked: Chevrolet Monte Carlo

-- Runners-up: Toyota Camry Solara Coupe/Convertible, Mitsubishi Eclipse

Midsize Car

-- Highest ranked: Buick Century

-- Runners-up: Mercury Sable, Toyota Camry Sedan

Large Car

-- Highest ranked: Ford Crown Victoria

-- Runners-up: Mercury Grand Marquis, Buick Park Avenue

Compact Premium Sporty Car

-- Highest ranked: Honda S2000

-- Runners-up: BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster (tie)

Entry Premium Vehicle

-- Highest ranked: Lexus IS 300/IS 300 SportCross

-- Runners-up: BMW 3 Series, BMW X3

Midsize Premium Car

-- Highest ranked: Lexus ES 330

-- Runners-up: Lexus GS 300/GS 430, Acura RL

Large Premium Car

-- Highest ranked: Lexus LS 430

-- Runners-up: Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac DeVille

Premium Sporty Car

-- Highest ranked: Lexus SC 430

-- Runners-up: Ford Thunderbird, Porsche 911

Compact MAV

-- Highest ranked: Honda Element, Toyota RAV4 (tie)

-- Runner-up: Honda CR-V

Midsize MAV

-- Highest ranked: Toyota Highlander

-- Runners-up: Buick Rainier, Mercury Mountaineer

Large MAV

-- Highest ranked: Toyota Sequoia

-- Runners-up: Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Excursion

Large Pickup

-- Highest ranked: Toyota Tundra

-- Runners-up: Ford F-150 LD, Dodge Ram Pickup LD

Midsize Pickup

-- Highest ranked: Ford Ranger

-- Runners-up: Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Dakota


-- Highest ranked: Mercury Monterey

-- Runners-up: Ford E-Series, GMC Savana

Midsize Premium MAV

-- Highest ranked: Lexus GX 470

-- Runners-up: Lexus RX 330, Volvo XC70

Large Premium MAV

-- Highest ranked: Lexus LX 470

-- Runners-up: Cadillac Escalade EXT, Cadillac Escalade/Escalade ESV

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Just to repeat what's been said before on this subject. The methodology of these surveys is suspect at best. Self reporting mailed out surveys would be very near the bottom of the survey barrel.

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I am glad to see the Aveo on there. Moms 207 so far has been good.

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I don't see it anywhere else...

I was waiting this press release to see how LaCrosse/Allure MY 2005 will be rated to find out that Century is the best mid size sedan??? Even JD Power web page does not show Century in 2005 but somehow it won in that segment as only GM car. :confused:
Not broken out by category, but a summary of the results here:
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