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as if you guys noticed i went missing :rolleyes:

My creative focus has shifted a lot since i was last here; I can't remember the last time i drew a car, let alone opened photoshop. These days it seems like all I do is make music. I haven't recorded any of my own music in a while though, due primarily to my senior project taking priority over all.

For my senior project I am making a properly labeled and packaged 12ish-track CD of mashups (a new song created using two or more pre-existing pieces of music).

This project is very important to me, and I intend to earn all 25 of the points possible for it. So do me a favor and check out the mixes I've put online so far:
Dozzy on iLike

the donor list:

Leave the 37mm = AFI's 37mm vs. Linkin Park's Leave out all the rest vs. Lupe Fiasco's Hip hop saved my life

Helicopter Heaven = Bloc Party's Helicopter vs. The Cure's Just like heaven

Under Monday = Shiny Toy Guns' Rainy monday vs. Kill Hannah's Under the milky way

Price of Morphine = Bloc Party's Price of gasoline vs. Kill Hannah's Lips like morphine

Semi-Gone = Switchfoot's Gone vs. Third Eye Blind's Semi-charmed life

Sleep Patrol = Azure Ray's Sleep vs. Snow Patrol's You're all i have

Little Luca = Brand New's Luca vs. Linkin Park's The little things give you away

note: royale, fresh, and aquaphonic are some beats i produced for a friend of mine; the 3 remixes are self-explanatory. these 6 are not part of the project

enjoy yourselves,

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deffinetly like price of morphine..and semi gone..the begining is a little weird, but once the first verse starts i like it, an the Royale beat haha but thats all i had time to listen to i just kinda clicked around, sounds good though
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