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Chevrolet is really an American Revolution.
Many Americans are finally taking a look at the cool cars that America is bringing back. Okay, you may say that cars like Aveo and Cobalt weren't big, and are never going to be, but they're really inspiring first-time car buyers to buy a Chevy and move upscale until they have two Chevy's in their garage, a Malibu/Maxx for the family & a Trailblazer for their rugged adventures. They might even have an SSR, for cool adventures. I'd just like to say, what I see from Chevy is GREAT!

Great vehicle. The SS model will really inspire SVT Focus buyers to come and buy a powerful small car.

Yeah, it wasn't built here. But it is probably the best thing to compete with the imports who supposedly are doing good in this market; I only mean the Korean automakers.....the Japanese are having a little trouble in this small sub-compact market.

Malibu/Malibu Maxx---
This car is really a family car. If Motor Trend can take the Malibu and say something good about it, it definitely means this car is in the news. Its an ideal American family car.

Retro. Yeah. 300 HP. Big engine. Cool car. And no, this car isn't going to fall apart. Chevrolet has finally told us what they want to do with this new American Revolution campaign. It is marvelous.

Corvette C6---
This is one pretty vehicle. It is fast, and pretty cool. It has a great interior, and shows that the Americans have the guts to tell Ferrari, "get out of my way".

If Chevrolet is able to create a good looking crossover with a cool interior, it will do good. Maybe the engine is a little bit underpowered, but what'd you expect for an SUV/crossover under $25K?

Chevrolet is making a big comeback. It tells me that Chevrolet is able to make a comeback!

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Originally posted by powervette@Feb 3 2004, 11:43 AM
you have forgotten about the Nubira,Tacuma and other crap
which will take chevy back to the 80's
Worlds better than a 20 year old Cavalier or Astro.

The Aveo is cheap, but the days of 1991 Lemans quality are long behind Daewoo and other Korean makers.

We don't want people looking to the 1980s to gauge GM quality, we shouldn't do the same to the Koreans.

If GM owns GM Daewoo, and they can provide us with a car to compete with ultra cheap imports from the other guys, then I say more power to them.

Research proves that people more often than not stick with a brand once they get into an entry level car of that brand.

Besides, with all of the cars Gmwsag listed above, the UAW has plenty to be happy about. They were that close to GM just giving up on them and importing everything, I'd wager.
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