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Anyone remember Isuzu? How could you forget? Isuzu released the Ascender, and that was the last I've heard of them. A few commercials very rare, and the display at the auto show keeps on getting smaller, while Suzuki keeps on getting bigger. I did like the Axiom (I was one of the few). The interior was nice, and the 250 hp direct-injection engine was nice to top it all off. Too bad, other cars like Isuzu Vehicross, funky Aztek, and Rendezous even took the spotlight from this okay car. So why won't Isuzu build a new model? I think they're in cahoots with GM. GM doesn't want to pay for an Ascender. They sell so little. Isuzu needs a new vehicle. In Japan, they're having trouble too. The brand can revive.....Here is what I would like to see (not like they would do it or anything)....


Replaced Ascender 2006- Full size standard 250 hp V-6, optional 290 V-8. Luxury Features, In-your-face bold design, new one of a kind features $25K-$38K

Replaced Rodeo 2005- Cool new compact vehicle with standard 200 hp and optional 250 direct injection. Luxurious and off-road features, and cool standard features $14k-$20k

Redesigned Axiom 2006- Including a direct injection, hybrid, new luxurious features to craze the mind. $20k-$28k

New Isuzu Crossover- Luxurious, upscale, crossover placed to compete with the likes of Lexus RX, Infiniti FX, Benz ML. $30k-$45k

ISUZU Motto 2005- "Isuzu: Who Said you had to be boring?"
ISUZU Possible Names: Asperous (as in a synonym for 'rugged), Adventurer (as in 'hero'), continued Axiom

Every single Isuzu will come with the iIsuzu (a navigation program) system optional on Rodeo and Axiom. Also, AWD, 4WD, and possibly a new catchy program such as 'Trail Rated 4x4' from Jeep can come to assure your getting the good deal....Would anybody like to take a little part in helping me with this research. Any articles signaling Isuzu's future....etc.
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