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Is your car's interior giving off toxic chemicals?

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Hey guys check out this site.
I guess they are saying the Silverado isn't safe to ride in. But the Cobalt and HHR did good tho.
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I guess the new Malibu has some Lead in the carpeting.
Doesn't this freak anyone out tho? I mean if there is lead in your vehicle your going to breathe all that in.
But still there is all those other nasty chemicals in that new car smell which you breathe in.
Well alot of new cars are going to be going away with the new car smell. As thats what one of the videos on their site indicated.
So basically everyone here thinks this is just a hoax right?
I now understand what you guys are meaning. I mean its not like your stuffing some guy in a Pinto after you had 2 cans of beans. But still it can be somthing to watch.
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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