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Is your car's interior giving off toxic chemicals?

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Hey guys check out this site.
I guess they are saying the Silverado isn't safe to ride in. But the Cobalt and HHR did good tho.
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I HOPE to hell my car emits noxicity.

I absolutely love new-car smell.

Anything to be non-PC. :fall:
But still there is all those other nasty chemicals in that new car smell which you breathe in.
No, it absolutely in no way freaks me out.

People have been breathing these fumes for a hundred years. We live longer and healthier than ever before.

Well, until this generation. No exercise, video games for hours, afraid of everything that every professional panic-monger gets some headlines about.
Fat, nearsighted, social skills honed via text messaging.
We do have much to concern us, and it's not new car smell.

We live in a very safe society for the most part. That doesn't stop people like algore from working the panic button every five seconds.

Eventually the adrenal gland fails, and nobody gives a damn. :)
My Silverado's interior is often toxic on Tuesdays.

That's when I drive the guys at work to Vallarta's Mexican Restarant.
Now THAT'S dangerous. :lmao:

I'm hoping you've applied for some government assistance. Mexican government, that is.
So basically everyone here thinks this is just a hoax right?
It's not a hoax.

But it is just one more example of modern Amurrican hysteria about what IMO is a far overhyped "danger," when we live in one of the safest eras in history (for most people).

The worse-than-useless Dept. Homeland Security is a result of hysteria and fearmongering.

And where there is hysteria, much ado about nothing, behind the curtain there is always someone with a control issue.
Controlling our lives more, that is.:yup:
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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