Our first look at Cadillac's new CT4 was with the V model announced late last week. But a closer look at the car shows that the replacement for the ATS might just be a warmed-over ATS with a new badge instead of a ground-up redesign.

The folks at Hagerty took a close look at the specs for the CT4-V. And that goes beyond the 2.7L turbo four's 320 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.

Check out the wheelbase. 109.3 inches for both. Which seems like a heck of a coincidence. Then the overall length. The CT4 is about four-inches longer, but that's easily explained by the new bumpers front and back. The only number that's smaller is the width. Which is down about an inch, easily explained by some different mirrors.

Front and rear track, though, are the same. Which means that the suspension underneath is likely to be the same. With similar wheel sizes. Inside, the dimensions are almost identical, despite a new interior and new sheet metal outside.

Even behind the wheels, the 12.6 x 1.2-inch front brakes with fixed four-pot Brembo calipers are a match for what the ATS had on mid-trim cars. Though the car does seem to have a newer version of magnetic damping, and that could certainly boost the car's handling.

So while Cadillac has said there will be some V'er Vees coming sooner or later, the current new V looks to be more of an ATS Premium Performance with some new styling and the engine from the new Silverado. If it was a BMW, it'd be a VCT4 40i instead of a VT4.

[source: Hagerty]