Judging by the new Cadillac Escala Concept car, yes they most certainly are.

Cadillac CMO Uwe Ellinghaus and his collective of cool kids are on record, Cadillac's colorful crest is just wrong for a luxury brand-- telling Quartz back in June he wouldn't have chosen the shade of yellow, but it's an inescapable part of Cadillac's identity that he's stuck with it.

Well fast forward two months and the inescapable identity has been escaped--the Escala concept showed up in Monterey yesterday with monotonous monochrome badges.

If only Herr Ellinghaus knew there are plenty of luxury brands who sport colorful logos, yellow ones too. Someone tell Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche yellow isn't befitting of a luxury organization, and while you're at it put Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Hermes, Burberry and Rolex on notice as well.

Without the color of the Cadillac crest it becomes an inoffensive simulacrum that falls neither here nor there. Cadillac absolutely needs to find it's own brand of luxury, but you don't do that by washing your brand of every last vestige of it's 114-year history.

The crest was an homage to Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a French explorer who helped found Detroit in 1701, but then again the cool kids have made it clear Detroit is icky and Cadillac is no longer a car company...