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Sunday 21st March 2004

Intel confirms chip-naming change

Rupert Goodwins
March 19, 2004, 18:15 GMT

Intel hopes that a new naming scheme will wean buyers off clock-speed addiction

Intel has confirmed to ZDNet UK the truth of rumours that it is dropping speeds from future processor names. Instead, new chips will be christened with a model number, in a similar scheme long adopted by car makers. "Rather than have people concentrate on the gigahertz, we want people to look at the features that make up a particular processor," an Intel spokesman told ZDNet UK.

The new naming scheme will replace the speed with a three-digit number, starting with 3 for low-end chips, 5 for standard performance and 7 for the top of the range models. As now, mobile and desktop processors will be run as two separate brands, and existing brand names will be retained.

Full story HERE
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