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Instead of a BMW.....

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As some of you know, I started another thread asking if I should purchase a 98 E36 BMW 323is. A good many said it sounded like a good deal and was what I was looking for.

Today I checked back into the used car dealer and it was nowhere to be found. But I did see an 03 Saab 9-3. I looked inside, it was nice, just as nice as the BMW, heated leather seats, nice dash, sunroof.

So I started to consider it. It's black with the nice wheels, I think it's a vector, since it has a 6 speed manual.

I test drove it today. Wow I was left impressed, I've never even considered a Saab before. And now I was driving one?

So what do you all think? I really like the looks of it and the inside and the whole driving experience. The only downfall is FWD..:( But I think I can look past it.

Oh and it has 92,000 and they're asking $9500 for it. I figured I'd offer them $8500 and see what happens.

Any info is much aprreciated. Like the last thread, performance accessories, reliability, and maintnence are topics of interest for me.

Thanks in advance guys!
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buy an 04 CTS with a manual or an 05 preferably with the HF 3.6.

If not, and you cannot find one in your price range, consider a 04-06 GTP G6 with the 3900 and 6speed manual, nice car in sedan or coupe and nice power and manual.

Otherwise, I'd look at an Ion RL quad coupe or maybe an 04 GTO (best interior at GM in 04, grand am exterior styling) with a 6speed and the 5.7 LS1 350hp.

I wouldn't be able to find any of those for under 10k most likely, and Im definatly not going to drive an Ion. I love Saturn and all, but not Ions...uck.
get an LS1 Fbody. 2000-2002 were problem free powertrain wise. They CAN be had for 10k. How do I know? I looked into it myself as I thought about getting one, so at least in Michigan, they can.

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